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Seafarer's tax advice and tax return submission service

In these days of self-assessment the penalties for getting it wrong, or just plain late, are such that everyone needs a little help in settling their income tax affairs correctly. Even for those who feel that it is a relatively straightforward system find themselves, from time to time, out of their depth when dealing with the Inland Revenue. This is never more obvious than when your file has been selected for audit by the Inland Revenue. Not only that, but whilst you are away at sea and unable to deal with these matters, your loved ones at home are called upon to handle these matters for you.

Do not despair, help is at hand in the form of SK Tax Service who will deal with these matters for you. Also, throughout the year you have access to their expertise to assist in ensuring that you receive all the advice required to enable you to qualify for the 100% deduction claim. Every member of staff has access to the central database that holds full details of your claim. By reading out the dates of entering and leaving the UK, these can be entered directly into the calculator of your claim and advice given immediately as to whether or not you have qualified, or what further time out of the UK may be necessary to enable you so to do.

The emphasis is on a friendly personal approach rather than being formal, which seems to discourage some seafarers. Having said that, the service offered is extremely professional and has over the years, been able to claim back literally millions in income tax for our clients. Advice is readily available to all our clients by mail, phone, fax or e-mail so that all important guidance is always there to help you through the tricky parts of qualifying for a 100% claim. Now with the aid of our bulletin board even when you are away at sea you have access to our expertise by posting questions on the board that will be answered just as soon as we are able.

My tax affairs - under the attention of Amanda Fulton - of SK Tax Services have been dealt with most efficiently for the past five and a half years. Amanda's attention to detail and her great patience when needing to explain aspects of the tax system have been phenomenal. I have always been very grateful that I could rest in the knowledge that Amanda and SK Tax Service would do an excellent job. Thank you very, very much. - 'H' from Lancaster

What does the service include?

Reduced fees after 12 months

£220 covers the first twelve months and we offer a reduced fee of £210 for the second and subsequent years.

Full Review

Our fee include a full review of your tax affairs and sea service for the last four years.

No Additional Charges

Unlike a lot of other firms we do not charge a full fee for each tax return completed.

All Inclusive

Your fee covers all the work necessary to bring your tax affairs up to date and to keep them in orde

We do reserve the right to re-assess the initial enrollment fee if the workload is more involved to the extent that a number of returns need to be submitted. Added to this is the fact that we will check your partners tax affairs without any extra charge. If it becomes necessary to deal with your partners tax office then a charge may be levied. Please note our fee includes VAT, it is not added on. If a firm offers a fee of, for example, £220 and then states in small letters, plus vat, the actual fee is £264!